Directory Editing

Laisha was one of the very first human directory editors in existence. 

She joined DMOZ, which is otherwise known as Open Directory Project, ODP, or — for a very short time — GnuHoo, in June of 1998. 

She was a meta editor from the time that position was first instituted. In August of 2001, she married another meta editor, Kfander, whom she met via the development of the groundbreaking directory. 

Both Kfander and Laisha were instrumental in policy discussions including those about deeplinking in the directory and listing of websites which use affiliate marketing and other monetization methods. They were both active and contributory to the eventual development of new categories, restructuring, and behind-the-scenes policies.

Since that time, she and Kfander have both worked on numerous directories, including, JoeAnt, Zeal, Best Of the Web, and Aviva Directory.

When the situation dictates, Laisha Designs can pull in as many as 10 experienced editors to work at any aspect of your directory for a reasonable cost to you.

Whether you want to build a directory from scratch or fluff up your existing directory, or even create a new and unique directory structure, you will want to contact Laisha Designs in order to get the most experienced directory editors available.

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