Our History

Before the Worldwide Web, before the word processor, Laisha was turning out pages on a Selectric typewriter. She started designing resumes and business cards professionally in 1988, and has been developing web sites since 1994.

She established Laisha Designs in the 1995, when web design programs were not yet thought of and all design was done in Notepad.

We can handle all of your web development needs, from complete web design to a simple online resume. We can develop all the business media to complement your site.

Having started in marketing in the 1970's when everything was still done on paper, we are knowledgeable in establishing your presence as a business. We will work on your project until we all agree it's exactly what you need and want.

Web development is what we do, and when you contract Laisha Designs, you are dealing with people who are creative professionals. We develop quality web sites that can be viewed in every browser on the market. We design with a sense of what is appropriate. We design with an eye toward your potential growth.

What Does Laisha Know About Search Engines?

From 1997 until she went into semi-retirement in 2009, Laisha maintained a large and popular web site dedicated to search engine submission and directory placement, first at GeoCities and then at Laisha.com which long served as a resource for web designers. This site, "All I Know About Specific Search Engines" included tips for positioning your site in major search engines as well as several hundred specialized search engines and several hundred specialized search engine links.

The site was listed in Yahoo! Internet LifeInternet Dummies DailyZDNetThe Chicago Tribune, and the West Palm Beach Post.

She found herself with plenty of people who wanted her services, but since there was no search engine optimization industry yet, did not know what to charge or even what to call what it was she did.

In 1999, the term "SEO" or "search engine optimization" was coined. And that's where she cut her promotional teeth.

Laisha Designs is well-versed on multifaceted website promotion reaching far beyond search engines.

Let us help you establish your total web presence with our expert promotion.

We will develop an all-encompassing promotional plan using any combination of search engines, directories, press releases, and off-page promotion so that your prospective clients will see your address.

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