Website Development and Design

We know you want to get your site up as soon as possible. We know you want to keep your site up with a minimum of expense.

We can create and maintain your website, or we can create it and teach you to take over the maintenance and updates. We can also redesign an existing site.

Servicing small to medium-sized businesses, Laisha Designs consults, designs, and markets websites tailored to your desires and needs.

Whether you wish us to design your site from scratch, convert your traditional promotional materials, or re-design an existing site, we're up to the job!

If you'd like to discuss a new website or the updating of an existing one, email us!

Laisha Designs Websites

A list of just a few of the sites designed and/or maintained by Laisha Designs:

Magic City Morning Star

War on Terror Portal


Reach More Runners

Woman With an Issue

North of Bangor

Waveny Running Club

Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Great Northern Paper

Alvina's Astrology Book

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Maine Leaseholders Association

Ken Anderson: A Texas Paramedic in Maine

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